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Where Taxation Immigration and Citizenship/Nationality Intersect

Our practice spans numerous areas in which tax and thorny immigration issues arise for the average expatriate or the dual national living overseas. Are you an accidental American? Do you have questions about your US citizenship or that of your children? Are you confused about the status of your U.S. citizenship? Questions about your green card and what this may mean for your overseas business interests and investments, even if the green card itself has expired? Are you considering obtaining a green card or moving on to US citizenship if you already have the card? Do you hold a green card and live outside the United States? Are you considering renouncing your U.S. citizenship?

You need to understand the pros, cons and everything sandwiched in between. You need to understand how taxation may influence your decision to immigrate to either Canada or the United States. You need to understand the tax implications of severing your tax residency with Canada or the United States. You need to keep track of: (1) your citizenship portfolio (2) your residency portfolio and (3) most importantly – your tax residency portfolio.

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