My Writing

Part of effective advocacy is education. Through my blogs and other writing I have attempted to  provide direct education to individuals impacted by FATCA, citizenship-based taxation and other U.S. tax policies.

In addition to authoring a number of blogs, I am honored that a number of my blog posts have appeared in other sources. These include:  Tax Connections,  the Isaac Brock Society,  Professor William Byrne’s “Lexis Nexus FATCA Central”- Tax Residency and Andrew Grossman’s “FATCA: Citizenship-Based Taxation, Foreign Asset Reporting Requirements and American Citizens Abroad”.

My primary blog is Citizenship Solutions. In addition I am active on Twitter  and Quora.

Citizenship Solutions – My primary blog – Follow me here

Life planning, investment solutions, citizenship and green card expatriation, U.S. tax assistance and citizenship solutions in a FATCA and CRS world.

U.S. Taxation Abroad – Focus ONLY on U.S. tax issues for “U.S. Persons” abroad

US Citizens Abroad – US Green Card Holders – Tax Compliance – FBAR – FATCA – Offshore Accounts – PFIC – Expatriation – 5471 – 3520 – 1040 – 8938.

U.S. Green Card Law – Narrow focus on very complex problems

Green card expatriation, U.S. tax assistance and green card solutions in a FATCA world.

Citizenship Taxation – In contemplation of a CBT lawsuit

The “Citizenship Taxation” blog is a blog that was NOT developed by me. Credit for this initiative goes to Patricia Moon. Many of my blog posts from “Citizenship Solutions” have been cross posted on “Citizenship Taxation”. In addition, her posts have contributed widely to the discussion of U.S. “Citizenship Taxation” AKA the mechanism to impose worldwide taxation on those with tax residency in other countries.

FATCA Canada Lawsuit Blog – My thoughts on the ADCS lawsuit in Canada

This is a separate blog which was created to communicate with supporters of the lawsuit. Although not frequently updated it provides an excellent history of a lawsuit against a country for having capitulated to the U.S. FATCA demands. To understand the motivation for this lawsuit, I suggest you read this post.